Friday, November 20, 2015

No sleep 'til....the A10 Tournament in Brooklyn!

Oh boy, it’s that time again…time for VCU basketball!  The only thing besides the School of Arts that’s made VCU relevant in any way.

I would say “I keeeeed, I keeeeed”, but honestly I went to VCU and I’m not a fan of the school.  However, I am a fan of basketball.  And I’ve had a lively and eventful relationship with the VCU men’s basketball program (note I did not say “team”, that would be gross).

So wouldn’t this blog have been cool if it were posted back in March?! Le siiiiiiigh.  But in honor of us beating Radford in the exhibition game on Monday (Nov. 16th) and us playing Duke tonight at 7:00 pm (BEAT DUKE!), I felt like reminiscing over my amazing time in Brooklyn for the A-10 tournament this past March.

This was my first time ever at a college sports tournament.  Putting that out there.  So I was very excited.

We got to see all the VCU games (WE WON, in case you forgot) as well as a Big 10 game at Madison Square Garden on Friday night…where I got to be court side J … for a little bit.

Here’s my photo representation of my trip for now.  I will update with more details later (I’m just so excited to get this out and we’re nearing the end of the day).

Trip there and hotel:

Big 10 Game at Madison Square Garden:

NCAA Semi Finals:
Psshh.  Pathetic compared to the VCU Ram :)

NCAA Finals:
 Feel the intensity at Barclays... (this was actually post game)
Magician during the half time show wasn't bad (forgot his name)
Shaka's last NCAA tournament with VCU

After Parties:

Trip Misc:
Tipsy cab ride fun after the Madison Square Garden game
Our skylight had a remote control. I felt so fancy.