Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Quirk Hotel Rooftop Bar: High Class.

Quirk Hotel, located at 201 W. Broad Street, opened a bar and lounge/cocktail/patio area on their rooftop back on the weekend of April 22nd.  I've been dying to go ever since.  Finally, on Mother's Day, I was able to take my mother (along with my boyfriend and his mother) to dinner at Quirk Hotel's restaurant Maple & Pine in their downstairs lobby area, and then up to the roof.

It was wonderful.  Almost glorious (if there had been less clouds).

You can find out more information about Quirk Hotel by visiting their website here, or by calling them at (804) 340-6040 to make a room reservation or to reach Maple & Pine or their rooftop bar.
Dinner at Maple & Pine
 Rooftop Dessert and Drinks

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Shiver in the River - From Year to Year

I meant to post a recap of last year's inaugural (I think?) Shiver in the River event before this year's event in January....but this year had no breath to take from last year's craziness, and I hit the ground running in life at the beginning of 2016...so the blog got neglected.   (I'm sure all zero of my readers were very disappointed.)

So instead, let's compare 2015's event to 2016's event.

Shiver in the River 2015

Shiver in the River 2016