Friday, February 5, 2016

Try-me Art Gallery

You guys, there's a hidden art haven right in the middle of The Fan....

And my company's founder and former owner/president owns it (along with all the awesome pieces featured inside it).

In December, Bill Royall through a little get together for the employees of Royall and Company to make up for our holiday party being cancelled this year (apparently one giant, almost all-expense paid conference for 3100 employees is all our new owners were willing to foot the bill for - pffffttttt cheap skates.... JK YOU KNOW I'M KIDDING RIGHT :D New owners whom I luv very much).
He hosted it at his private art gallery at 1623 W. Main St. (right across from Home Team Grille, where I'd sat on the patio looking at this space many times before, never knowing it was 1) a gallery and much less 2) that my former company head owned it).  I'd seen the issue of Style Weekly that ranked Richmond's most powerful and influential figures in the art and culture scene, and I had seen the powerful art figure that Bill was in the community, but I had no idea how similar our tastes were!

I was so impressed, mesmerized, and/or impressed/blown away by so many pieces that day.  The full list of featured works and all their relevant information can be found on the Try-me website.  For now, here are some of my favorites! (Artists information and descriptions coming ASAP!)


David Schnell
Oil on canvas, 2010

Incense Burner (How do you like me now?): Self Portrait No. 5

Michelle Florence
Glazed porcelainous stoneware on LED platform, 2014

Untitled Legal

Site specific graffiti piece in aerosol paints on painted steel door, 2009

Only A Thief Thinks Everybody Steals

Ryan McGinness  
Acrylic on canvas, 2008

Standing Security Guard

Marc Sijan 
Polyester resin, mixed media, oil paint, 2010

Every Man Has His Tastes

Jessica Jackson Hutchins
Upholstered chair and ottoman, glazed ceramic, ceramic objects, paint, 2013-14


Nick Cave
Fabric, sequins, beads, embroidery, and mannequin, 2011

Amor en Rojo

Stainless (Alejandro Pinero Bello, Jose Gabriel Capaz, Roberto Fabelo Hung)
Oil, wood, polyester resin, canvas, prime stage polyurethane paint, 2014

Memory Fails

Titus Kaphar
Oil on canvas, tar, gold leaf frame, 2011

(U) Afterimage

Vincent Lamouroux
Aluminum tubing, paint, fluorescent lights, edition 2/3, 2009

Wading (Pink I) and Wading (Blue II)

Isca Greenfield-Sanders
Mixed media and oil on canvas, 2011


Kristin Baker
Acrylic on PVC panel, 2014

I've Been Good to Me

Mickalene Thomas
Acrylic and oil enamel with rhinestones on panel, 2013


Mary Weatherford
Flashe, neon on linen, 2015

Chorus (Coro#1, Coro#2, Coro#3)

Eva Rocha
Vintage mannequins, plywood, found objects, textile, encaustic, wooden pallets, 2015


Elizabeth King
3 minute silent stop-frame film animation of (KING 13), glass lens, bellows, brass and steel frame, steel table, 2008

Drawing (Pins)

Tara Donovan  
Paint, nickel-plated steel pins on gatorboard, 2010

The de Toilette: Self Portrait No. 2

Michelle Florence
Glazed porcelainous stoneware, 2013

IT'S A NEW YEAR! ...Oh wait, crap, it's BEEN a new year for over a month!

You know, you get one promotion at work (not monetarily mind you, just more responsibility and stress) and your ability to keep up with a blog goes to s***.

Welp!  It's February and I haven't posted once yet.  So let me give you a recap of my eventful and well-rounded New Years Eve!

[Full description to come later]
Here are the few photos that were either taken by me or my cohorts that fateful NYE night :) Enjoy? haha
(So let's start with) I got my hairs cut!
And I liked it!
We walked up the street to (one of) my neighborhood bar(s).
Where they were open like cover...AND happy hour in full effect.
Stopped back by my place for more free drinkin'...
One more bar stop...
...Then came the parties....
(none of the following pictures were taken by me or with my phone)
 And believe it or not, one more party after that one. I'd say I rolled into my apt around 4:30.  But, what do I know?

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Photoshoot in RVA

This past Monday, December 14th, I was fortunate enough to have been booked for a photoshoot with Pedro Bauza, an artist I’ve worked with several times before.  I say I was “fortunate enough” not just because Pedro is a talented visionary whose work has been displayed in The Louvre, but because it was December and it was around frickin' 70 degrees and partly cloudy.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!  All the jealousy from 9-5ers.

But anyway, we shot at the murals down at Richmond’s (now probably iconic) canal walk, as well as the Pipeline (which is a spot along the James River that mostly only locals know about), and then back at my apartment after I declined to do a fully nude shoot under the train track bridge next to Pipeline.  ANYWAY J  Remember that if you ever model – you ALWAYS have the power to say “no”.  It’s up to YOU.

But I like working with Pedro and he’s not one of the bad guys (you know the photographers/industry people I’m talking about).  And the photoshoot yesterday was one of my favorite, just because it was so beautiful out and it was such an easy, short day AND so many of the shots came out great with little to no editing.  So I can’t wait to see the ones that have to go through Photoshop and editing!  They’ll probably be amazing!

Until then, I thought I’d share some of the photos from my shoot that I’ve received from Pedro so far.   If you’re interested in seeing more of Mr. Bauza’s work, check out hiswebsite here.  If you’re interested, here’smy Model Mayhem page.   And in the meantime, I hope you enjoy what we were able to create so far.  Yes this is self promotion, but I think I would like these pictures anyway even if he’d chosen another model.  Just sayin’.
I swear my legs aren't broken in the 2nd one lol